Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Values of Colors!

One of the primary focuses of my series of sequential painting workshops is color theory, most importantly the values of colors.  Without a full range of values, a painting can look flat and uninteresting. Here's another section of my Eden painting, shown in color and grayscale. When you compare the two, you note that the colors I chose, contrast nicely in both color and grayscale.

I only have the first two workshops completed and on the website, but eight more are in the works:


Judith Veldhuizen said...

Wow!!! Beautifull painting!!!! I wish i had more money so I could join your workshops.. Hopefully there will be me more free paint lessons on drawspace too :)

Greetings, Judith

Christine said...

Just gorgeous! You have such a vivid imagination, and quite a funny bone too, lol...judging from some of your other drawings, like the "cowlick" painting below. So cute, and so funny.
I have a request, Brenda. Could you please add an e-mail subscription button to your blog? I want to subscribe to your blog so I won't miss your postings. ;-)
Best regards,

Brenda Hoddinott said...

Thank you Judith and Christine! :o)

Christine - I'd love to add an e-mail subscription button, but I have no idea how to do this. :o(

By any chance, do you know how this is done? If not, I'll ask my website gurus! :o)